BGR Rush Burner

The BGR Rush package is designed to provide an all-in-one combustion solution for tank heaters, free water knockouts, boilers, line heaters, de-hys, and treaters.

The pre-assembled package integrates a BGR flame arrestor, fuel valve train, ACL burner management controller and ACL high efficiency burner assembly. All Canadian BGR Rush Burners fully comply with all CSA B149.3-15 standards. This fully leak and function tested system with pre-set pressure switches increases operator safety and drastically reduces installation time, resulting in cost savings. The BGR flame arrestor is classified as Group D (IIA), promoting optimal fuel to air ratio, clean air supply, and lower noise pollution.


Canadian models: Rush 500, Rush 1000, Rush 2500, and Rush 5000.

US models: Rush 500, Rush 1000, Rush 2000, Rush 3000, and Rush 5000.

Model numbers indicate BTU of heater: 500 = 500,000 BTU etc.